October 1, 2016
Smart Farming in the Cloud – Brussels Meeting

Tom Murphy represented agricultural contractors at the debate “Agriculture 4.0 – Smart Farming in the Cloud”  hosted by the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the EU and held in Brussels. The meeting surmised that EU support is essential in order to realise the potential of digital farming.  Debating the main benefits to be expected from digital farming, representatives from farm organisations, the European Institutions, and industry experts also discussed the question of what the EU can do to help
farmers and technology providers to manage the change ahead. Tom Murphy addressed the panel stating that so far they had not mentioned any involvement of agricultural contractors in the provision of smart farming technology; asking if they recognised there was a role for agricultural contractors.  The response was an emphatic “yes” they did indeed see a major role for contractors and thanked Tom for raising the issue.   PAC once again at the heart of Europe for agricultural contractors.