November 1, 2017
Fast Tractors – Minister Orders Review

As a result of representations by Tom Murphy for Professional Agricultural Contractors of Ireland, a meeting was held on 1st Nov at the Department of Transport to which all stakeholders were invited.  The meeting was briefed on the rationale behind the decision to instigate a 25km radial distance from base for fast tractors (contained in Statutory Instrument 413/2017).  Stakeholders expressed concern at the implications this regulation brings for both agricultural contractors and farmers.  A number of valid proposals were put forward, including; extending the 25km radial distance, exempting the haulage of farm produce or more specifically that high speed  tractors, used for the specific purpose of hauling bulky unprocessed forage (e.g. Silage, hay, straw, roots)  from farm to farm be exempt.  Department officials were receptive to the representations of stakeholders and have agreed that it is possible for the Dáil to put forward a motion to annual SI 413/2017 so that the concerns of stakeholders may be considered.  PAC will assist in any way it can to ensure a positive outcome to this thorny issue.