November 30, 2017
Recycling Levy on Netting & Twine

Contractors need to be aware that from October 2017 waste legislation has been amended to ensure that netting and twine producers contribute to recycling costs. Therefore a recycling levy will apply to netting and twine waste.  The IFFPG, which is the national farm plastics recycling scheme, will use the funds generated to drive the recycling programme of netting and twine. Contractors often supply netting and twine to farmers and it is essential that they obtain a label code for product they buy and pass this code on to farmers when invoicing for work.  Farmers need this label code so that they can avail of reduced recycling costs.  For example a farmer who presents a valid label code for netting and twine at one of IFFPGs bring centres will be charged at the rate of €5 for a half tonne bag of waste compared with €15 without a label code.  Contractors carrying forward netting from 2017 are advised to contact IFFPG to receive label codes. The levy on netting and twine is set at €110 per tonne, which is the same rate as for wrap and sheeting.  For further information contact Stephen Crampton,Compliance Officer at IFFPG 01 408 9966 or email