May 23, 2018
Weather Forecast

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Today’s Weather
Dry and mostly sunny for the rest of today. Top temperatures 19 to 22 C., generally, with light easterly or variable breezes. But fresher along parts of the east and south coasts, with values of 15 to 17 C., due to local onshore sea breezes.
Dry tonight with clear skies. Lowest temperatures of 5 to 8 C., in little or no wind. But some low cloud and fog may develop along parts of the Atlantic Seaboard, around dawn.
A mostly sunny start to Thursday, but the sunshine is likely to turn hazy as the day progresses and it will become cloudy over east Leinster, where some showers will develop. A few will develop elsewhere also, but most places dry. Warm in sunshine, with highs of 20 to 22 C., but lower and feeling fresher in some coastal districts, especially the east coast.