April 6, 2018
National Fodder Crisis

In addition local arrangements put in place by Teagasc to assists farmers through the current fodder difficulties, a national Teagasc helpline phone number has been set up today. Over the weekend, farmers can phone or text 087 7971377 to speak to a Teagasc person for assistance.
The contact number will be distributed to all farmer clients and will be publicly available through the Teagasc website, social media channels and through the traditional media.
Stretching silage supplies is the main message from Dr Siobhan Kavanagh, Teagasc Regional Advisory Manager for Carlow, Wicklow and Wexford. “Silage supplies must be stretched over the next three weeks. Normal daily silage feeding can be reduced in half by limiting the silage offered. All stock on reduced silage can be offered extra meal to fill the gap. Milking cows on high levels of meal should be offered an extra mid day feed.”
Fodder Clinics have been held in most of Teagasc’s 50 offices around the country over the last few days. Head of the Teagasc Advisory Service, Dermot McCarthy said that over 400 farmers have attended these clinics nationally. He urged those farmers who are in serious difficulty and who have not attended a Teagasc office or made contact with an adviser to do so now for assistance.

Over 200 farmers with surplus silage have registered with Teagasc. There are higher numbers of farmers with supplies for sale in the northern half of the country. Over 500 farmers seeking supplies are also registered with Teagasc. In addition to this, a lot of local ‘matchmaking’ is happening outside of the register. Teagasc advisers have been visiting individual farmers and communicating through discussion group meetings with 13,000 farmers.
All farmers can contact Teagasc on 087 7971377 outside of office hours.
Seek Support to manage farming weather difficulties.
Teagasc Health and Safety Officer, Dr John McNamara said; “Stress occurs due to tiredness and anxiousness when major problems like a fodder scarcity or associated financial issue arise. Farm accidents have been shown to rise in the circumstances.”
Keeping in contact with key persons is crucial. These include family and friends, fellow farmers, advisers, consultants,contractors, merchants and bankers,. This helps to make good decisions about fodder sourcing and budgeting and it also greatly assists with alleviating the stress associated with the current situation.
Health Support Services
– If you are feeling unwell, you are advised to contact your Medical Doctor.
The Following Help Support Lines are available.
– Samaritans 24 hour support phone 1850 609090 delivered by volunteers.
– Pieta House Helpline 1800247247 (Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm/ Saturday 10am to 2pm).
– St Patrick’s Hospital Mental health helpline (01-24933333) (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm)