Work Safe - Come Home Safe



One lungful of slurry gas can kill. Agitate on windy days and always work upwind. Remove livestock and pets and where possible avoid carrying our agitating whilst alone. Open all doors and windows and restrict access. Stay away for thirty minutes after agitating. Never enter tanks even when they are empty. Keep tank openings secure at all times.

AUGUST - Grain

Drive and operate tractors and machinery responsibly, especially on the public highway. During this busy period keep children away from moving machines, stacks of hay and straw, intake pits and grain silos.

JULY - Livestock

Working with livestock is a hazardous task and always presents some level of risk. Care should be taken whenever livestock is nearby. During the month of July the Health and Safety Authority have asked us to highlight particularly dangers posed by bulls and to make sure that you have an escape plan in place when moving or handling stock bulls.
Now children are on Summer Holidays extra care needs to be taken to ensure they do not enter fields where there are cattle. Animals need not be dangerous to pose a danger to children; sheer size can cause serious injury. Veterinary medicine not securely stored may also cause death. Children should be trained to always wash their hands after being with animals or pets.
Follow these links for further information Teagasc and HSA

JUNE - Silage

The silage season is one of the busiest and most dangerous periods in the farming calendar. The conditions at every farm will vary and there are many risks that need to be assessed by the contractor before commencing work.  This month the HSA ask that we highlight the dangers when removing blockages or making adjustments to a machine. Ensure that the ignition is turned off, the PTO disengaged and the key removed. Wait until all rotating parts have stopped moving and be aware of the possibility of kick back when the blockage is removed.  For further information relating to silage safety please contact the office.

MAY - Children

Keep children under seven off tractors. Ensure children are supervised at all times when on the farm. Provide a safe place to play. Contractors keep a keen eye open for children when you are working, ask the farmer to keep his children away from the working zone.

APRIL - Tractors

Make sure the handbrakes on all your tractors are in good working order AND stay out of crush zones.

MARCH - Chainsaws

Attending a course on the safe use of chainsaws could save your life.


Never enter a shed when agitating slurry, gas can kill quickly. Open all doors and stay out for at least 30 minutes.

JANUARY - Calving

Take care when attending calves.  Keep a barrier between yourself and the cow.