January 1, 2016
PAC Attends Launch of Farmers Journal and ESB Initiative

The Irish Farmers Journal & ESB Networks partner to Make Irish Farms Safer Launch of the new “Safe Family Farms” Programme.

The new programme was was officially launched by Minster for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Mr Simon Coveney TD and introduced to an audience of key industry stakeholders and media.  Tom Murphy (PAC) attended to represent agricultural contractors.

This partnership between the Irish Farmers Journal and ESB Networks, aims to deliver the safety message to prevent further injuries and tragic accidents on Irish farms. This year 15 people have lost their lives on Irish farms, with 30 fatal accidents in 2014, accounting for 54% of all workplace accidents in Ireland.

Over the coming year, the Irish Farmers Journal has committed to a full page of farm safety tips and advice each week with ESB Networks, which are relevant to seasonal topics and farming activities. Safe Family Farms will reach the wider family through human interest stories in Irish Country Living, and support all farm safety activity through online and social engagement.
Quarterly videos will support the farm safety message and content produced through a dedicated Safe Family Farms channel on Farmersjournal.tv. Viewers can understand, learn and share best practice advice videos and hear the stories of those whose lives have changed forever through a farm accident.