January 31, 2017
Teagasc – Brexit Meeting

Tom Murphy attended a breakfast meeting, hosted by Teagasc, where the financial implications of Brexit on the agricultural sector were under discussion.  The meeting was attended by major stakeholders, public representatives and delegates from the financial and banking sector.  Murphy attended to ensure there was a voice at the table for agricultural contractors. Most experts agreed that there will be political uncertainty in many EU countries as well as within most business sectors, including agriculture, for a number of years. In the interim we must develop new markets for Irish produce and that will require resources, but with a diligent team of public servants and politicians building political alliances to negotiate and apply leverage on our behalf, any negative effects of Brexit will be short-lived. The meeting expressed the opinion that, down the road, when negotiations are complete the Irish farming sector will undergo some change but will remain strong.  PAC of course will be at the forefront to ensure that agricultural contractors are fully informed of any implications to their businesses.