July 24, 2017
Farm Safety Week 2017

Running from 24-28 July, Farm Safety Week has an important message  – Farm Safety is a Lifestyle, not a Slogan and like last year the campaign will focus on a different risk each day, (see below).  There are a number of initiatives planned during the week including three farm safety demonstrations at marts in Co. Meath, Co. Kildare and Co. Clare. There are also a number of activities planned with AgriAware at the Family Farm in Dublin Zoo throughout the week to highlight child safety on farms. Many retailers nationally are offering discounts on safety equipment and PTO covers during Farm Safety Week 2017, for a full list of retailers supporting the campaign follow this LINK.
Farming continues to have one of the poorest safety records of any occupation in the UK & Ireland but all the main farming organisations in the partner countries are working together for this week to address this. The initiative is supported the Farm Safety Foundation, Farm Safety Partnerships, the Health & Safety Executive, Health & Safety Executive for Northern Ireland and the Health & Safety Authority, Ireland.  PAC Ireland fully supports Farm Safety Week and encourages everyone involved in the agricultural sector to put safety first and make a conscious decision every day to avoid risks and remember Farm Safety is a Lifestyle, not a Slogan
Monday, 24th July                  Farm safety statistics
Tuesday, 25th July                 Machinery & Transport
Wednesday, 26th July            Falls
Thursday, 27th July                Livestock & Slurry
Friday, 28th July                     Children on Farms