September 2, 2017
Theft of Agricultural Machinery

Gardaí are warning farmers and agricultural contractors to be on their guard and to take appropriate security measures after a recent spate of agri machinery thefts. Gardaí frequently find when thefts are reported the owner doesn’t have important information easily to hand. The more information you can give the more chance there is of recovering your property. Gardaí advise that the theft of smaller items is often opportunistic and the more obstacles you place in the way of thieves the less likely they are to strike,  When your yard is unattended, shed doors and gates should be closed and locked.  Where possible keep smaller high value items under lock and key.
Know your machinery and vehicles
Keep a record of each item detailing Make, Model, Registration Number (where applicable), Chassis/VIN/Serial Number
Any distinguishing features or marks
Take photos of machinery and save on your computer or clip a copy to the record card 
Keep records together in one place
Call PAC office for a Record Card Template