September 7, 2017
Agricultural Land Drainage

Teagasc is again running a land drainage training course from 26th September to 8th November.  Teagasc ConnectEd will deliver the QQI Level 6 course in Agricultural Land Drainage, Theory and Design beginning 26th September 2017. The course will be delivered over 4 x 2 day blocks at various locations across Ireland.  The purpose of this course is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to formulate appropriate agricultural land drainage system designs for a range of soil types and conditions in accordance with best practice.

Who is the course designed for?
The course is aimed at agricultural contractors, agricultural advisors, consultants and others involved in land drainage works with a view to advising landowners on land drainage system design.

Topics covered include:
Classification of soil types and their pertinent characteristics in relation to drainage capacity.
Identification of soil characteristics in the field by manually and visually assessing a range of different soil types, and classify each type in terms of its drainage characteristics.
Identification of a range of typical land drainage problems and poorly drained soil characteristics.
Appraisal of different land types and recommend appropriate drainage system design in terms of system type and material specifications
This is an ideal opportunity for contractors who want to upskill.