September 15, 2017
Road Traffic Bill 2017

Tom Murphy (on behalf of PAC Ireland) was invited to attend a meeting at the Department of Transport to discuss proposed amendments to legislation contained in the Road Traffic Bill, 2017, which was published during the Summer.  This Bill ensures that those who are found to be driving with levels of alcohol which are known to impair driving ability will face serious consequences.  It provides that all who exceed the blood-alcohol limit, whether it is the reduced limit for learner, novice or commercial drivers of 20mg/100ml or the general limit of 50mg/100ml, will be equally subject to a short period of disqualification (three months) if they chose not to go to court when issued with a fixed penalty notice. Minister Shane Ross chaired the meeting and among those attending were representatives from Government Departments and of farming and rural groups, the insurance sector and vintners.  Each stakeholder group was given the opportunity to speak and identify ways in which to support rural communities. From the agri contractors and their employees perspective, to be put off the road for three months would severely impact your business.  PAC advises extreme caution. Don’t assume because you haven’t had a drink for a few hours you’ll be OK to drive – you probably won’t. Driving the morning after could land you with a ban.