February 13, 2018
T5 Tractors – Testing ?

Tom Murphy represented PAC Ireland at a meeting with Department of Transport Officials on Friday 9th February. The meeting honored the departments commitment to meet with concerned groups prior to the introduction of a new Statutory Instrument to replace  SI 413/2017, which was revoked by Minister Ross following representations by PAC Ireland and other stakeholders.
PAC Ireland welcomes proposals to remove the 25km from base restriction that was contained in the revoked SI.  However there were difficulties with the status and legal interpretation of the term “agricultural contractors”.  If unresolved this could result in agricultural contractors having to acquire Road-worthiness Certification for  T5 Tractors, even whilst carrying out traditional agricultural work for farmers.  There will be further consultation on this issue and PAC Ireland is hopeful for a positive resolution and that agricultural contractors will be recognised as an integral part of the agricultural sector.  More information as it arises.