June 16, 2018
Quad Bike Update

As a Fianna Fail Bill seeks to introduce measures to increase safety around the use of quad bikes, including roll bars and the use of protective head gear, Minister for Agriculture, Michael Creed says that the use of anti roll-bars on quads may actually increase the risk of injury to farmers.  Current regulations relating to quad bikes require manufacturers to ensure that vehicles are designed, constructed and assembled so as to minimise the risk of injury to the vehicle occupants and to other road users.  The regulation does not however contain reference to anti roll-bars and protective head gear.

According to Minister Creed these issues have been examined by both the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) and have concluded that research on the use of anti roll bars on quad bikes has shown that in some cases the risk of injury from use of anti roll-bars may be greater and can lead to a reduction in safety to the user.

However the Minister stressed that both the RSA and the HSA recommend the use of protective head gear when using quads. “I fully endorse their recommendations in this regard. The HSA has actively promoted the use of protective head gear and officials in in my Department highlight the importance of its use at every opportunity,” he said.