March 18, 2020
Safety Alert – Agri Slats

As a member of the Farm Safety Partnership, PAC Ireland supports the Health and Safety Authority safety alert following a fatal accident involving construction work on a farm. The following must be carefully considered in relation to concrete slats for use in agricultural sheds:
Existing Agricultural Slats  Cattle slats should not be subject to vehicular traffic under any circumstances.

  • Tractor slats are designed for a maximum axle load of 7.8 tonne, this loading should not be exceeded.
  • Slats should not be subjected to excessive point loading.
  • All slats should be subject to regular integrity monitoring after 10 -15 years.
  • NOBODY should enter tanks even when empty and must follow guidance on slat inspection.
  • Guidance on the design load capability of slats can be obtained from your slat supplier or a competent structural engineer.

For further information check out the HSA website HERE