May 29, 2020
Dicing with Death

TikTok clips showing young tractor drivers engaging in reckless and highly dangerous behaviour involving agricultural machinery is totally unacceptable.  These people should be dealt with in the most severe way possible, says Tom Murphy, Director of Professional Agricultural Contractors of Ireland.  Employers who are aware that it is their drivers and vehicles in these videos and who take no action against the individuals involved should also feel the full force of the law.
The actions depicted in the TikTok clips completely undermine the work of agricultural contractors and farmers who work tirelessly to promote health and safety in the farming sector.   
It is the responsibility of all agricultural organisations to report this type of life threatening activity to the HSA and the Gardai immediately they become aware of it.  Tom Murphy expressed his astonishment that any organisation could say they were aware of an increase in this type of behaviour without flagging as an issue to the HSA. 
PAC Ireland will have no hesitation in reviewing the membership of any agricultural contractor if they are found to condone such behaviours.
If any member of the public witness or knows anyone who is involved in these dangerous activities to please inform the Gardai and HSA immediately – you will be helping to save lives.