June 11, 2020
“Open Your Eyes to Farm Safety” – Worth a Watch

PAC Ireland applauds the initiative of five school boys (all affected by farm deaths) who, supervised by a great teacher & mentor, decided to raise funds for Embrace FARM by holding a Tractor Run, which raised €7,000. Not satisfied with that they decided to go further and create a farm safety video to encourage other young lads to farm safely. The content of these videos will go out through social media across Ireland over the next month to raise awareness of farm safety.
PAC Ireland asks all agricultural contractors and farmers to encourage their workers/drivers/family of all ages to watch and follow the safety messages contained in this excellent production. There is also the opportunity to enter an online competition by following the link below. This competition is hosted on Agriland and sponsored by IFA.  https://surveyhero.com/c/da34bcce

Below is the link to the You Tube video
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcQhktRBI4Y&t=203s Open your eyes to farm safety 

Image source: Still from video “Open Your Eyes to Farm Safety”