April 7, 2017
Brussels – PAC Speaks up for Agri Contractors

On 28th March Tom Murphy attended the “Forum for the Future of Agriculture” in Brussels, where he made sure that agricultural contractors were represented. Over 2000 delegates from sixty countries were present to discuss the future of agriculture in Europe and beyond. Keynote speakers were Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the UN  and Commissioner Phil Hogan who spoke about the new CAP Reform now in progress. Tom reminded the panel, including Commissioner Phil Hogan, of the pivotal role agricultural contractors play in farming and was adamant this be reflected in the CAP reform.  Tom was encouraged by the response he received, not only from panel, but from other delegates, many of whom approached him afterwards, agreeing that contractors are an integral part of the farming process and their value to the future farming economy cannot be underestimated.  This was reaffirmed by Commissioner Hogan when Tom had a meet up with him after the session.