June 1, 2018
Safety Warning – Power Lines

Electricity plays a vital role in modern agriculture.  The use of large machinery on farms increases the risk of contact with overhead lines.  People operating large machinery should be made aware of the risks involved when working near overhead power lines and warned to take extreme care whilst working at work.  Summer is the busiest time of the farming year and there tend to be more incidents during this period.  These incidents can be prevented if care is taken; so the ESB advise the following:
BE AWARE – Look Up and take note of where overhead lines are positioned and make others aware.
BE CAREFUL – When working with large machinery ensure machinery is well within safety clearance.
ENSURE – Equipment is well away from overhead lines when raising the boom on sprayers or when tipping trailers.
DO NOT – Dump anything under overhead lines as this may reduce safety clearance.
REMEMBER – Slurry conducts electricity and can cause an electrical discharge.  Do not spray slurry on poles or near power lines.
If you suspect a line to be unsafe contact ESB NETWORKS immediately on 1850 372 999. For more information on farm safet and working safely with electricity please follow this LINK.
Make sure you come home safe.