October 13, 2018
Getting Ireland Brexit Ready

Tom Murphy (PAC Ireland) met with Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade with Special Responsibility for Brexit, Simon Coveney at the recent Getting Ireland Brexit Ready outreach workshop at the National University of Ireland Galway.  This event dealt with the whole Brexit scenario and how all businesses, including farming, could best prepare for the inevitable post Brexit fallout.  The thirty eight thousand (approx) Irish companies dealing with the UK were advised to plan and prepare and reassess their reliance on the UK market.  It seems the “just in time” approach for delivery of goods will no longer happen and Irish firms will need to look at storage facilities or indeed source supplies from within Ireland or elsewhere. For agricultural contractors there will be issues with importing machinery and parts from the UK. Minister Coveney informed delegates that 1,077 additional customs officials will be recruited with over 400 already appointed.
Commenting after the meeting Tom Murphy said it was apparent that a “No Deal Brexit” for the UK would be devastating for Irish Agriculture with a knock-on effect on the contracting sector.