February 4, 2020
Cork Start-Up Launch GPS Tracker

Traxsit Ltd, a Cork based start-up, founded by Conor Walsh and Luke O’Mahony, has launched an innovative GPS tracking device to fight rural theft.

The wireless device, pictured below, is independently powered for up to 9 years and requires no installation. Users can retrofit the device to any type of machine in seconds and the tracker is easily transferred between assets.

Uniquely, Traxsit’s technology communicates off-grid from sim cards and the GSM network which results in more affordable annual subscription costs.

Conor explains, “Our device thrives in rural areas which lack mobile phone coverage and our signal cannot be jammed, unlike legacy solutions.”

Though having GPS tracking for valuable pieces of machinery is becoming a crucial consideration for agricultural contractors, making the product affordable is vital, as Luke adds that, “…a key focus for us was to democratise the emerging technology, remove the financial barriers and make GPS tracking accessible to all.”

In addition to their product, the company have also launched a referral scheme which enables customers to enjoy subscription free tracking.

“Our solution includes tailored features for contractors. Our reporting functionality allows you to access the historic locations of where your machinery has been. This proves valuable for invoicing and future planning. Our device also empowers contractors to remotely monitor junior staff members efficiency,” says Luke.

Conor and Luke are delighted to announce that “…. software is now available, and our apps are live for both Android and Apple customers. Members of the Professional Agricultural Contractors of Ireland can enjoy a 10% launch discount and can purchase devices for €180 per unit with one years’ free tracking”.  Subscription packages are available from €39 per annum thereafter.

For more information or to access the discount, please contact Luke at

+353 83 072 5857 or visit:www.traxsit.com